George P. Bush


George P. Bush has proven himself as an effective, trustworthy leader in the fight for our rights and family values. That’s what Texans can expect from him as our Attorney General, here at home and in the courts.

Conservative Track Record

  • Served as 2016 Texas Victory Chair for President Donald J. Trump.
  • As victory chair, raised over $1.5 million to ensure Texans sent Donald Trump to the White House.
  • Endorsed in 2016 and 2020 by President Donald J. Trump.
  • Elected as Texas Land Commissioner in 2015.
  • Elected to second term with second highest vote total of any candidate running statewide in 2018.

Defending Texans

  • Launched Texas Defense Task Force to identify federal overreach and fend off threats to the Texas oil and gas economy though every legal means possible.
  • Won major legal victory for Texas schoolchildren, standing up to the Bureau of Land Management’s illegal federal land grab, protecting state assets for years to come.
  • Fought for freedom against federal government overreach and ensured that unelected bureaucrats do not dictate how our state operates.
  • Fought against radical environmentalists abusing the Endangered Species Act and protected state property rights from trial lawyers.
  • Supported Sen. Cornyn’s Endangered Species Act reforms to safeguard private and state-owned property from bureaucratic bullies and environmentalists.
  • Stood up to the EPA, pushing back against radical carbon regulations that threaten Texas’s electrical grid’s stability.
  • Fought to preserve Texas’ oil and gas rights in Denton when far-left environmentalists tried to disrupt the oil and gas industry.

Caring for Texas Veterans

  • Expanded and streamlined services for Texas Veterans.
  • Created two additional Texas State Veterans Homes for long term nursing care.
  • Distributed over $3,210,314,814 in home loans, $51,518,263 in home improvement loans, and over $489,218,499 in land loans to Texas Veterans.

Funding Public Education

  • Generated record-breaking returns for oil and gas and distributed the largest allocations in history to Texas’s school children through the use of innovative technologies.
  • Generated over $1 billion in oil and gas revenues alone for the Permanent School Fund.

Defending the Alamo

  • Successfully fought to return the Alamo battlefield to state control for the first time since 1836.
  • Restored sole remaining structures, the Church, and Long Barrack, from the battle of 1836 to prevent them from crumbling to time.
  • Secured $100 million, the largest appropriation to the Alamo in History, from the Texas Legislature to preserve and restore the Alamo.
  • Reunited and restored the Alamo Battlefield, closing down the street in front of the church that created vehicle traffic across the sacred ground where the defenders gave their lives for liberty.
  • Restored and returned the Alamo’s iconic 18 pounder cannon to the Alamo battlefield.
  • Emphasized the battle of 1836 in all programming and museum exhibits and has promoted children’s understanding of the importance of liberty and patriotism in our state’s history.
  • Recovered and restored numerous cannons from 1836 to the Alamo battlefield.

Helping Texans Recover from Disaster

  • Helped more than 60,000 victims of Hurricane Harvey rebuild their homes and their lives.
  • Distributed over $1 billion dollars in aid to Texans following the worst storm in recent history.


  • Reformed a bureaucratic institution.
  • Fulfilled a record number of Public Information Requests and made agency projects as public as possible.
  • Establishing a Compliance Division to monitor the GLO contracting process to ensure transactions are accomplished cleanly and fairly across the agency.
  • Reformed the GLO’s contracting processes, eliminating no-bid contracts in nearly all circumstances.
  • Created the Director of Open Government Position to overhaul the GLO’s standards for open records requests and uphold the highest transparency standards within our government.